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How it works

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Stibits offers a premium platform through which users can send and receive crypto currency using a users name, phone number, or e-mail address.


Privacy and Data Encryption

Stibits creates a bridge to other cryptocurrencies while offering privacy and data encryption.


No Lengthy Complex Addresses

Our platform has effectively eliminated the need to enter lengthy crypto currency addresses. Your Human Profile becomes your address.


Your Phone is Your Private Keys

Not even Stibits employees have access to your private keys or phrase words. Just like your Fingerprint, Touch ID, Face ID, Iris Scanning, Face Recognition etc. These are all saved on your phone. Likewise, your private keys are also saved on your phone.


Address History

The address history of those you send and recieve crypto funds are saved on your phone.

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Which crypto currencies does Stibits support?

Stibits has an ambitious goal of supporting many different crypto currencies. It intends to add more crypto currencies to its platform over time, allowing users to have ultimate accesss to their crypto funds.
Currently it supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Raven Coin.

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Stibtis Contacts

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Non-Stibits Contacts

You can easily invite users that don't have a Stibits accounts so you can send and receive crypto currency


Once you invite family and friends. Sending through Stibits becomes as easy as sending a text message

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